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Let’s be honest, it’s so easy to blow off a 45-minute workout but a 9-minute workout?? No excuses! Thank you for keeping fitness accessible despite the battles of life. With CAROL on my side, I can keep my fitness goals and regain my health!


ONLY CAROL uses AI that really helps me – I can feel my body get a max intensity workout every single time. And they tell the truth – not breaking a sweat. Add the impeccable product design and engaged, friendly, always useful product support and CAROL’s a top reason to get up and get on every morning!

John Odden

You’re spending one-fifth the amount of time on CAROL bike and getting twice the results. It’s because of the way it rumps up resistance. The more I push, the more it pushes me. It looks like CAROL is the most effective product that I know about for this.

Dave Asprey

Founder of Bulletproof

In my six-month workplace study, CAROL replicated lab results and people found it very easy to use.

Dr. Vollaard

Professor of Health and Exercise Science at Stirling University

I have lost 41 lbs since starting with CAROL in July of 2020. I am in the best “physical condition” that I’ve been in since my early forties, and I’ve had significant medically demonstrable improvements in my health!”

Larry Gipson

All I can say is nothing matches the return on investment that this bike provides. Everything from the high quality construction, effectiveness , and the variety of training rides have made this the best investment in my long term health and fitness.

David Desroches

Great workout and a very well made bike, I’ve already recommended it to two other people who have also purchased it. I love how it cuts my work out time down significantly. Bravo Carol, Bravo!